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Gas Vs Electric Heating – Why Electric Heating Is The Future
November 29, 2018

For decades now, gas heating in homes has been the most obvious choice. In fact, for a long time, most people wouldn’t even consider using electric heaters. Instead, they have held on to the outdated notion that gas is the only affordable and efficient way to heat your home throughout the year. Well, times are changing and this is certainly no longer the case. Here is a deeper look into how gas and electric heaters hold up against one another.

Heating Effectiveness

Both gas boilers and electric heaters work through convection and radiation. As they get hotter, they disperse heat out and into the room. However, electric heaters warm up and begin dispersing heat far more quickly than gas heaters. These can easily take 15 minutes or longer as they need to heat a central boiler and then slowly disperse hot water, which then loses heat as it’s sent along the pipes. Electric heaters are 100% efficient: the energy you pay for is used – nothing is lost.

Thermostatic Control

Gas boilers have one central thermostat that controls the entire house and, due to air flow and differences in room sizes, different parts of the house can be hotter than others. Advanced electric heating thermostats can automatically control separate radiators in each room to help level out and create a consistent heat throughout the home. For example, if you don’t want your spare room using any heat, the heating for that room can be turned down, or on and off as needed. Downstairs can be a completely different temperature to upstairs – you can heat each and every room to the temperature you want.

Need For Repairs

As they are powered by combustion, gas boilers are prone to problems and any repair work can then be incredibly disruptive and expensive. However, due to the limited number of parts inside of an electric radiator, maintenance is needed far less and is usually much less expensive. Trust Electric Heating has a long guarantee of 25 years on their radiators and the new Neos radiator has modular pieces which is extremely easy and fast to repair if needed. No mess, no waiting and, because we are a British manufacturer, the speed in which we can turn around any repair is rapid. No extreme plumbing charges and endless waiting for a specific part.

Cost Of Heating

Gas is a natural resource and is declining in availability. As such, prices continue to rise year after year whereas electricity can be produced indefinitely. Although electricity is still more expensive, the gap is closing and when you take into consideration the higher maintenance and installation costs associated with gas heating, the difference is slight. Additionally, when you turn your heater on you use every bit of electricity in heating your room.


Electric heaters are the clear winner here as high-quality systems make little to no noise. Gas boilers and their piping can often be very loud, even annoying.

Environmental Impact

Gas is a fossil fuel and burning it releases harmful emissions. Electric heating has the potential to become increasingly eco-friendly as we as a nation begin to move towards eco-friendly energy sources.

Fitting And Installation

Installing a new central heating system can take weeks and will require you to rip up floors and walls, whereas electric heaters can all be fitted in a morning and simply plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Electric heaters are also easy to move when decorating or extending your rooms. You don’t need to drain your heating system when moving a radiator – like you would with gas – so there’s no unnecessary plumbing costs and no messy pipes.

Finding The Ideal Electric Heating System For Your Home

It should be clear that electric heaters are the way of the future. However, the benefits will be based largely on which manufacturer you opt for. Here at Trust, we provide advanced, modern electrical heaters and thermostats which allow you to gain access to complete control and customisation of how your home is heated.

Our electric heaters are far superior to what is currently have available in the market, and make use of innovative function and design.

To find out more, and to discuss a quote for your home, contact our friendly team today.

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