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Trust The Alternative To Fischer Electric Radiators
June 21, 2018

If you’re considering installing a super-efficient electric heating system, you’ve probably come across the Fischer brand more than once. But Fischer aren’t the only German radiators available in the UK and we like to think our products are more efficient and more transparent than our competitors. If you fancy a ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ heating system for your home that is efficient, affordable and stylish we have the ideal alternative.

Superior Technology

Our German-engineered, UK-manufactured radiators boast superior technology that really sets us apart from other brands. Instead of using just a clay core (aka chamotte), our radiators use soapstone – a material that has been used for thousands of years for cooking and heating.

Thanks to its robust nature and ability to absorb, hold and radiate heat without burning or melting, our advanced soapstone technology allows us to create radiators that can deliver at least 30 minutes of heat without any energy consumption. Unlike, we deliver on our energy efficiency promises.

Flexible And Controllable

The difference doesn’t stop there. We also provide advanced thermostat options that give you ultimate flexibility and control over your heating, allowing you to create different heating zones to reduce energy costs and keep your home at the right level of comfort and warmth.

Opt for simplicity with manually controlled radiators that let you create the ideal heatscape for every room, whether you prefer to be warmer in the lounge and cooler in the bedroom or vice versa. For even more controllable multi-zone heating choose the wireless option to set different temperature levels per heater and per room.

For the ultimate in temperature control, our exclusive app includes the innovative Geo Location feature which will automatically lower the temperature when it detects that you’ve left home and then raise it again as you approach the front door. It couldn’t be easier to install and use and you can control up to 32 heating zones from your iOS, Windows or Android smartphone or tablet.

Peace Of Mind Warranty

Just like Fischer, we depend on the quality of German materials and engineering because we believe they’re the best for the job. But unlike Fischer, we’re so confident in the durability, technology and performance of our radiators that each one is supplied with a 25-year peace of mind guarantee. That’s 9,125 days of guaranteed warmth and comfort throughout your home.

Transparency On Pricing

Fischer will often quote their customers a price and then negotiate until the sale is complete. Our team at Trust Electric Heating will offer you our most competitive price straight away – no haggling required.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

As a small independent family business, we’re proud to be one of a select group of British businesses that are assessed, checked and endorsed by the consumer watchdog Which. And as a Which trusted trader we go the extra mile to understand your home heating needs in a way larger companies can’t match. Don’t just take our word for it – our 5-star online reviews are yet another area where we outperform the bigger players.

If you want to install electric heating that’s energy efficient and drives down your heating costs then why not choose stylish and effective German radiators you can Trust?

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