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Trust Electric Radiators Vs Storage Heaters
June 14, 2018

Electric radiators today are incredibly popular and for very good reasons. Long gone are the days when electric radiators were used to supplement gas central heating. Today’s homeowners are choosing electric radiators as their primary source of heating. We want to discuss the many benefits of our Trust Electric Radiators and why they are superior to storage heaters.

Storage Heaters

So, storage heaters or electric radiators? There are a few things that you need to be aware of when considering choosing storage heaters. There are a few advantages, but the many negatives outweigh these positives.

The ‘Not So’ Cheaper Night-Time Tariff

Many homeowners opt for storage heaters in the belief that they offer a cheaper night-time tariff, via Economy 7. The truth is that this claim is a little misleading. The seven hours that are provided at off-peak rates will save you money, but in direct contrast, the remaining hours of the day are at a much higher rate. So, the savings you may make, if any, are minimal.

Take Up Lots Of Space

Storage heaters do tend to be on the bulky side. It’s just a drawback of how they are manufactured so as to store heat. This can be problematic if you have limited wall space. It can also pose a problem in terms of taking up much-needed living space.

Little Heat Control & Not Energy Efficient

Storage heaters give you very little control over how you heat your home and how evenly heat is distributed. Very often your room will be cold, once all heat has been used, or too hot when you don’t need any additional heating. Storage heaters tend to throw out heat during the night and be cooler during the day, as this is when heat is stored.

Trust Electric Radiators

When it comes to choosing Trust electric radiators, you will be happily surprised to learn that the many positives outweigh any concerns that you may have when comparing them to storage heaters.

Range Of Sizes

Trust electric radiators are slim and incredibly versatile, as they come in a range of sizes. This makes them suitable for any size room, and for any wall space, allowing you to heat your entire home in a way that suits you.

Precision Temperature Control Via Thermostat

The real beauty of the Trust electric radiators is that you are fully in control. Working via convection, the radiator will adjust its heat output to the ambient room temperature. This not only keeps the room at a comfortable temperature but is also incredibly cost-effective.

Modern Materials & Latest Technology

Trust electric radiators use a revolutionary soapstone core. This allows the radiator to slowly absorb and store heat, and in turn to release heat when needed. When your room has reached its target temperature, then the radiator will operate via five-minute cycles, allowing the room to be warm without the need for the radiator to operate for at least 30 minutes, which saves you money.


When you want to choose a heating system that is cost-effective, easy to use and energy efficient, then Trust electric radiators are the obvious choice. To learn more about our range of electric radiators, visit please do get in touch with us today.

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