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How Long Should Your Electric Radiator Warranty Be?
September 6, 2018

There’s nothing worse than your heating breaking down in the middle of winter or being left with an expensive repair bill for your radiator. So, when it comes to a part of your home that’s integral to maintaining your comfort over the winter months, how long should your electric radiator warranty actually be?

The Lifespan Of An Electric Radiator

It can be tempting to think of an electric radiator like a modern appliance, like a fridge or a washing machine, some of which are only designed to last 5-10 years. But, in fact, many radiators are built to be as sturdy as possible, and last for a long amount of time once installed – providing heat and efficiency as and when you need it. Trust’s range of electric radiators is designed to provide excellent heating for years.

In fact, because of the ability to turn an electric radiator off for long periods of time without causing wear or harm, you’re only using your heater for half the time you own it. This all leads to an increased lifespan and ensures that replacements are few and far between. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing an electric radiator.

What Warranty Do You Need For Your Electric Radiator?

Though the lifespan and quality of electric radiators can mean they go a long time without suffering any problems, occasionally, a problem may occur that needs fixing. Ensuring you have a warranty in place can provide you peace of mind should anything happen.

With Trust, our radiators are some of the most reliable in the business – but should anything happen, our technology is covered with a 25-year warranty to ensure you can enjoy comfort, heating and our stylish designs for longer. When it comes to your electric radiator warranty, once that can last the lifetime of your heating system is invaluable.

At Trust, we put our customers first – which is why our electric radiators are designed to be as robust and functional as they are stylish and easy to use. Our warranty, lasting 25 years, further shows our commitment to offering exemplary care to our customers. Contact us today to find out more about our heater range.

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