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Earth, Wind & Fire: Introducing Neos – The Most Advanced Electric Radiator Available Today
July 18, 2018

Powerful, efficient and affordable – the Neos is the smart and beautiful way to #controltheelements. The most advanced electric radiator available today, the Neos uses innovative Quadvex technology and takes heating your home with efficiency and style to another level.


The Neos range is manufactured from aluminium, a rust proof and sustainable material with 2.9 times the conductivity of steel. Aluminium is the ideal material for radiators, requiring less energy to start the convection process by heating up faster and dispersing heat more quickly than steel. That in turn, creates a more efficient heating system that drives down your running costs.

The slimmest radiators on the market, at only 6.5cms and available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any decor, Neos aluminium radiators combine functionality with sleek, contemporary style. Choose smooth or wave style radiators depending on your design aesthetic to create the perfect lean and luxurious heating system for your home.


The Neos uses dimpled air convection technology to improve heat transfer rates by more than 40%. By acting as vortex generators, each dimple disrupts the thermal boundary for enhanced convective heat transfer making the Neos the ultimate in efficient radiators.

Combined with a new thermostat for ultimate flexibility and control, a Neos heating system can be installed for under £1000 and will keep making savings on your running costs thanks to its combination of quality, innovation and style.


At the heart of every Neos radiator lays the unique soapstone core. Due to the unique properties that soapstone possesses it allows the radiator to rapidly warm up, store heat whilst allowing the Quadvex convection to warm the room. This means your radiators will stay warmer longer requiring less energy than conventional heaters. That helps us deliver industry-leading heating solutions that are innovative, affordable and sustainable.

The Neos range changes the game on what an electrical heating system can achieve. Delivering an affordable, efficient and stylish system with low running costs and the ultimate slimline aesthetic for your home or business.

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