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5 Benefits Of Controlling Heating Via An App
November 16, 2018

Jump into the future with new software and control your home heating from your phone or tablet! One of our new thermostat options is a modern way to save you money by controlling the heating in your home effectively.

Here’s our top benefits for using an app to heat your home with Trust:

1. Save Energy And Money

Multi-zone heating allows you to choose which rooms are heated rather than heating the entire house, which leads to higher bills. The Geo-location features in our apps will lower temperatures when the last person leaves and starts heating when someone is on their way home. Don’t rely on timers to heat an empty home, or force you to come back to a cold house! It’s a great option to make your home more eco-friendly by lowering use!

2. Use With A Range Of Devices

Available with Apple and Android devices, control heating in your home from your device with ease. Plus you don’t have to be at home to change temperatures. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or even your Apple watch! Change temperatures with the tap of a button and easy-to-follow instructions.

3. No More Burst Pipes!

On holiday and worried about colder conditions at home? Don’t rely on timers or leaving heating on for longer than necessary (and running up costs in the meantime). Save yourself expensive bills and frozen pipes by heating your home wherever you are in the world! Or share the app with your family to control from home.

4. Fewer Fluctuating Temperatures

Warm up your home before you arrive by letting the app know you’re on your way back. By adjusting temperatures rather than just an on/off system, rooms will stay relatively warm without wasting energy and money. It also makes your home a more comfortable place to be! Share the app with your family so individuals can choose how warm they want specific rooms to be.

5. Schedule Around Your Life

Choose times to turn on your heating but easily make changes or boost temperatures with the app whether you’re at home or out and about. You can decide which rooms need additional heating and at what time. Plus the geo-location tools have the option to override schedules to save you money and keep your house warm.

Want to learn more about our heating and thermostat plans? Get in touch for a free consultation and upgrade your home’s heating today.

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