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A Buyer’s Guide/Checklist For Electric Radiators
November 23, 2018

Buying a new electric radiator isn’t an everyday occurrence for most of us and so when looking to purchase one for your home, there’s a few tips and tricks to follow.


Do – Have a consultation with an engineer. It’s important to get sizing right. Qualified engineers have experience discussing energy efficiency alternatives if they detect drafts or they can give you expert advice on where best to fit your radiators. After all, you don’t want to spend all that money investing in new heating only to find out that the radiators are way too big for any of the rooms in your house.

Don’t – Choose a radiator straight off the internet without a full understanding of what is needed to heat your home effectively. In our experience, customers have been stuck with heaters that are either too small or too big, is very inefficient, won’t heat their house properly and ultimately wastes time and money. Getting sizing right is the first step. Additionally, don’t buy without seeing a sample radiator as we have found numerous times how many people have been disappointed when their new radiator arrives as it’s not how it looked in the glossy pictures.


Electric radiators these days are crammed with features – from Wi-Fi to energy-saving to built-in timers. With some you can even control the temperature remotely!

Do – Opt for a control that fits your lifestyle. We find that some people want easy controls that they just turn up and down and then on and off, whereas others want full programming which allows them to schedule heating to fit around their lifestyle. Take your time learning how to customise these to get the best use and ensure you’re not wasting energy in the process.

Energy monitors will help keep track of how much energy you’re using – perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and benefiting the environment, as well as saving you money, too. Another great feature is a thermostat on a stand that can be moved and not fixed on the wall; this allows you to control the heat in the lower half of the room and stops what we call ‘cold feet syndrome’.

Don’t – Be encouraged to buy one which feels as though it has thousands of features. Always make sure what you’re buying is for the benefit of your home, and you won’t waste time, energy, or money. Make sure your supplier has a helpline on hand incase you need to reset the schedule. There is nothing worse than just being left with the instruction booklet and not being able to comprehend the technical language.


Do – Look for a long warranty, as this is an indication of the quality of the radiator and saves you time and money. Always check what the warranty is for as some may only be for the internal stone. If you can buy from a Which? trusted trader this is a huge benefit for you as a consumer – a Which? trusted trader only represents high-quality traders and one in four don’t make the grade.

Don’t – Buy an electric radiator without a warranty – always check if you install it yourself as it might make your warranty invalid.


Do – Do your research ahead of installation. If you’re opting for the DIY route make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment to install it. You don’t want to be caught off-guard mid-project!

Don’t – Try and install electric radiators yourself unless you’re completely sure of what you’re doing. If you have questions, just ask, or follow any easy to use guides.

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